Thursday, December 4, 2008



SHAHARUKH KHAN : Everybody was wondering as to there is no response from our Bollywood stars to the recent Mumbai terror attacks, except for Big B, Amir, that too they have not come out and spoken on TV, rather have chosen to express their feelings thru’ their respective BLOGS.

Infact there was a general feeling that when it comes to promoting their films, Bollywood stars are to be seen everywhere, be it on TV Channels, Roadshows, Malls, etc., but when it comes to speak to public about this sensitive issue, they have maintained a big LULL.

Finally Shah Rukh Khan has come out, but that too he has expressed his thoughts on ) 'Love Bollywood' Show on BBC Asian Network, which will be aired on Dec. 6.

He says "I've tried to keep away from commenting on this as there are no words to express a situation like this because our feelings are mixed with anger, disbelief and sadness." He adds further as regards to religion - "Being Muslim myself, I believe youngsters need to understand Islam and respect the religion in the right way. It's such a huge waste and my appeal to all in these times and in recent years is that please can we run what we want in terms of politics, government, jobs and teaching our children with the prime motive of taking communalism out of it. I think no agenda should be attached to any kind of religion."
He rather speaks that children of the country should infact follow the religion of 'WORK'.

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