Monday, December 15, 2008



It seems that Aaamir Khan is leaving no stones unturned to promote hi dream film GHAJINI. He is daily coming up with new creative styles of promotions, which will take your breathe away, either on Television or LIVE in front of public.

Last week, when the people were queuing up in the theatres for SHAH RUKH KHAN’s RAB NE BANA DI JODI, he came up with an interesting idea of promotions.

Aamir tied up with leading multiples theatres as PVR, CINEMAX & BIG CINEMAS throughout the country, wherever SRK’s RAB NE BANA DI JODI was screened. First of all people could see everywhere the cutouts of AAMIR’S 8 pack Body welcoming you.

Plus, people were in surprise to see various young guys sporting AAMIR’s special GHAJINI HAIR CUT, be it ticket-seller, or the gateman or the guys behind the food stalls. In all there were around 1500 young men with Aaamir hairstyle throughout the country. A couple of days back, Aamir himself joined 100 of these attendants and got himself photographed in a theatre, thereby surprising everyone.

So the public went in to see SRK’s RAB NE…. and came out of the theatres with AAMIR’s GHAJINI images.

Now let’s wait & watch for SRK’s response to this shrewd move of Aamir .

Then in an another promotional event, Aamir came out with a video showing his journey of 13 months depicting his makeover from normal body to 8-pack-abs well toned body and his efforts & pains he went thru’ in the process. He was in public with his trainer Satya, appreciating his support and guidance in getting this 8 pack thus overcoming SRK’s 6 pack, which he came out last year in OM SHANTI OM.

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