Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Son of television superstar Shekhar Suman, one film old actor Adhyayan Suman hopes to make his mark in Bollywood with Mahesh Bhat’s supernatural THRILLER 'RAAZ- THE MYSTERY CONTINUES', to be directed by Mohit Suri.

Adhyayan started his career with box-office failure 'HAAL-E-DIL' recently and is now heavily relying on 'Raaz-The Mystery Continues' to give him a new lease of life. However, he is more known in the Bollywood industry for his friendship or affair with Kangana Ranaut, who incidentally plays his girlfriend in the film.

In the film, he plays a role of a documentary filmmaker, who doesn't believe in supernatural things. He even makes a documentary film “ANDHAVISHWAS” in the film to create awareness among people. However, in real life, he himself gets scared of watching Horror movies and still can’t believe that he is doing such a HORROR Thriller in the start of his career.

On the role he plays in the thriller musical he says, "I am a documentary filmmaker, who doesn't believe in supernatural things. I even make a documentary 'Andhavishwas' to educate people that ghosts are only a creation of human mind nothing else. Kangana is my girlfriend in the film," says the actor.

All the best Adhyayan for your career.


As written earlier in my blog about the real life lovers Kangana & Adhyayan Suman being paired together in reel life too courtesy Mahesh Bhatt’s RAAJ 2, now they both are in news again, but have rubbed the leading actor of the film Emran Hashmi the wrong way.

It happened that recently during the shoot of RAAZ 2, both Kangana & Adhyayan remained locked together in their vanity van for nearly 2 hours, thereby keeping Emraan Hashmi waiting for them unnecessarily. Finally, seeing no signs of the lovers availability for the shot, Emraan walked out of the sets, fuming. Director Mohit Suri tried to calm down Emraan, but in vain.

At last when Kangana & Adhyayan came out of the van, and came to know about Emraan’s departure they were very embarrassed. News is that Adhyayan apologized for their act and things were finally back to normal.

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