Tuesday, December 9, 2008



As mentioned earlier, King Khan was conferred with “DATUK”, a top honour by Malaysian government, equivalent to British Knighthood, on Saturday.

SRK, with an injured arm (while shooting) flew to to Malaysia on Saturday and received this award amidst large ovation, he even tok a rickshaw ride thru’ Malacca.

There was some resentment among local artistes, who wondered as to what Sahah Rukh has done that they have not to, receive this prestigious award.

A Malaysian newspaper editorial said “Shah Rukh is ours”. Justifying the decision of the Malacca state to confer the award on King Khan, the editorial said: "Sadly for them, the answer is not what Shah Rukh has done but who he is. And who he is, is not just a fabulously successful 43-year-old film star with global recognition and vast masses of devoted fans. Nor is he just a talented and hard-working entertainer with more bankable cultural-crossover appeal than any other Bollywood stars of his generation (with the possible exception of Hrithik Roshan, who is taller and dances better but lacks Shah Rukh's political clout),".

It is well known that Shah Rukh and other Bollywood stars, besides from the Tamil cinema are immensely popular in Malaysia, with their movies and music released regularly. Malaysia has a 8 million population, including around 2.5 million ethnic Indians i.e. around 85 of the population.

The popularity goes beyond the estimated 2.5 million ethnic Indians who form eight percent of Malaysia's 28 million population.


After 2 back to back hits, courtesy “FASHION & DOSTANA”, Priyanka Chopra is riding the BOX OFFICE wave, as a result top banners are approaching her with significant roles.

And finally, as per the sources, she has landed herself in Yash Raj Banner - YRF, with a film to be directed by Jugal Hansraj, starring Uday Chopra.

However there have been no confirmation from YRF as well as Priyanka, lett’s wait for the official announcement.

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