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Take a closer look to see what’s happening behind the doors. That’s the tag line in the film’s site and which sums up the mood of the film.

Well, it seams that Bollywood is changing fast as far as adult themes are considered. Now everybody is talking about the 3-letter word SEX in open, which till few days back was a strict NO-NO.

DIL KABADDI, directed by debutante Director Anil Senior is a film about 2 couples and their bedroom happenings, their sex talks etc. It deals with the lives of young couples – Rahul Bose (Rishi) & Konkona Sen Sharma (Simi) and Irfan Khan (Samit) & Sohal Ali Khan (Mita), who are bored with their married lives and are looking for something exciting to spice up their lives. The story is all about how they all keep on experimenting to add vigour and fun to their relations.

Rishi is infatuated by his student Saba (Raga), Payal Rohtagi as Kaya comes in between Samit & Mita. Rahul Khanna as VEER has a sting with Mita, while Simi is attracted to Veer.

The film spurs up in bits and pieces, lacks the continuity because of it’s script. Chemistry and some scenes between Rahul Bose & Konkona Sen Sharma are superb.

Performance wise, Irrfan Khan is fanatastic, Rahul Bose & Konkona as usual natural and brilliant, Soha has surprisingly done a good job. And Rahul Khanna is also not left behind and is first class.
Music is situational & OK, once you move out of the theatre you forget the songs. However, photography is remarkable with some smart hand-held camerawork. .

On the whole, the film has no such script and instead is an assortment of various scenes, sequences and incidents, more inspired by Hollywood style. With it’s bold theme where SEX word is openly discussed, it caters to more of a city and multiplex audience and is unlikely to make money.

I would recommend the viewers to wait for the DVD to come, instead of going out and watching in theatres.

I give 2 out of 5.

Banner : Studio 18, Paramhans Creations and Movies N More Pvt. Ltd.
Released on : December 5, 2008
Language : Hindi
Genre : Sex Comedy
Producer : Shailesh R Singh
Director : Anil Senior
Star Cast :
Rahul Bose - Rishi
Konkona Sen Sharma - Simi
Irrfan Khan - Samit
Soha Ali Khan - Mita
Rahul Khanna - Veer
Payal Rohatgi - Kaya
Saba - Raga
Music on : Sony Music
Singers : Mika Singh, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Sachin Gupta, Jaspreet Singh, Aditya Jassi, Monali Poroma
Music Director : Sachin Gupta & Dhruv Dhalla

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