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BLOGGING : Following the recent Mumbai terror attacks, many of the bollywood stars have vented their anger, frustration, helplessness thru’ their blogs, to name few they are – Amitabh Bachchan, Amir Khan, Arjun Rampal, Sonam Kapoor, Koena Mitra etc. It is learnt that noted singer Lata Mangeshkar wept many times during the ghastly attacks.

In the recent attacks, Anupam Kher has also lost his close friend’s Karambir Kang (GM of TAJ Hotel) family (wife & 2 children) besides Ashish Chaudhry sister and her husband.

Big B, who in the past has always voiced his opinion on Television, this time chose to write in his blog. He has expressed his anger over the authorities who were not upto their toes during this sad moment. For more details, you can refer to his blog in BIGADDA.COM.

AMITABH BACHCHAN : Big B says that media has mis-interpreted his recent remark in his blog about having slept with a revolver under his pillow during the Mumbai attacks.

Bachchan writes in his blog - “It is a pity that ‘intellectual media’ portrays the incident of the gun under my pillow as one of ridicule and mirth…Of one that reflects a fear on my part. It is a shame that the mettele of my comment was not put across in the context of its entirety, thereby bisecting the thought and making it weak”. He further adds that the act of pulling out my revolver is a symbolic metaphor, a figure of speech, to demonstrate my complete loss in faith in the system and in the governance, in providing me – a citizen of India, with my rightful sense of security.

RAMGOPAL VERMA : Producer Director Ram Gopal Verma is in the news, but for the wrong reasons. On Nov. 30, Maharashtra Chief Minister Mr. Vilasrao Deshmukh was on his official visit to TAJ PALACE HOTEL, to assess the intensity of damage done to the hotel during the recent Mumbai terror attacks. So far so good, but when the news was being aired on TV, there were flashes of Ram Gopal Verma and Chief Minister’s son and Bollywood actor Riteish Deshmukh, accompanying Mr. Deshmukh.

This evoked the anger in the hurt Mumbaikars. People were wondering whether Ram Gopal Verma is on a location hunt for his new film or was taking a cue for his new film’s plot. How insensitive….

To this Ram Gopal has reacted and defended, he says it just happened that he was with Riteish , when he came to knew about the visit. When Riteish got a call from his father, he asked Ram Gopal Verma to accompany him, to which he agreed. He requested not to read anything about his visit to battered Taj and that he has no intentions of making any film on this sensitive issue.

SHOW GOES ON : While most of the people stuck to Television screens watching the live encounter of NSG Commandos and terrorists, film stars Akshay Kumar, Suniel Shetty, Katrina Kaif, Sameera Reddy and about 250 co-workers reported to shooting on Thursday, Nov. 27, for Priyadarshan’s film “DE DHANA DHAN”.

Since most of the co-workers came to work that day, everybody observed 2 minutes silence for those who lost their lives during the Mumbai massacre and proceeded to their shooting.

BIPASHA LAMHAA : It seems that the long tussle going between Bispasha Basu and LAMHA’S producer Bunty Walia and Director Rahul Dholakia has been sorted out and now Bipasha has agreed to report to the shooting of film in the next Kashmir schedule in Jan. 2009. She will be provided enough security, owing to lack of which she has fled away from the film schedule earlier.

The matter has worsened so much that there were news of Director Producer contemplating over replacement of Bipasha with Vidya Balan.

I have written about this article in my earlier blogs.

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