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Now that’s a good news that some of the Bollywood makers are not straightaway inspired by Hollywood films, instead MAHARATHI is an adaptation of old Gujarati play which was a grand success around 20 years back and which was directed by Paresh Rawal and was first staged in 1987 and had had 700 successful shows.

Paresh had a dream of making a movie on this play, which finally has been fulfilled thru’ MAHARATHI. It is e film is a comic thriller and has has an interesting star cast with stalwarts like Naseeruddin Shah, Presh Rawal, Om Puri and Boman Irani (can u believe all the 4 in one package) supported by Neha Dhupia & Tara Sharma.

Story goes like this –
Subhash (PARESH RAWAL) has been unsuccessfully trying to get acting roles in the films for the last 10 years and hence makes his living by committing petty crimes. NASSERUDIN SHAH plays a role of Mr. Adenwalla, a has-been film Director and who ends up marrying wannabe actress Mallika (NEHA DHUPIA). He wastes most of his time in drinking and raging and complaining.

One night he is saved by Subhash, who helps him to his lavish house. Subhash gets shocked to see the grandeur and affluence of Mr. Adenwalla (NASSERUDIN SHAH) and sees an opportunity to make some money. He hence forth becomes the most trusted aide of Adenwalla and is hired as his driver, much to the discomfort of his wife Mallika Adenwalla (NEHA DHUPIA), who leaves no chance of insulting Subhash, since she is suspicious of Subhash taking advantage of her husband’s wealth.

Subhash who has now firmly cemented his place in Adenwallas’ house and heart senses his wife’s evil designs. On the contrary, Adenwalla, driven to the point of madness by his money hungry wife decides to take the ultimate revenge and commits suicide, thus leaving his wife in a catch 22 situation. It’s now when the film starts and becomes exciting.

Subhash grabs this situation as a life time opportunity to get rid him-self of middle class life and poverty and collaborates with Mallika to acquire all the money and property. It is now the that the web of deciet, greed, double-cross and treachery starts building thereby entangling all the characters of the film, including the support of their caretaker (TARA SHARMA) and their family lawyer (BOMAN IRANI). The allure and attraction is in the form of Rs.4 Crore insurance cover, which is a binding thread to all these players.

The guessing game starts with change of loyalties, double-crossing, false alibis, kidnapping, twists & turns etc. i.e. whatever it takes in the world of crime. Till their plans go haywire when ACP Gokhale (OM PURI) and Inspector Borkar (VIVEK SHAUQ) comes into their way. How Subhash gets out of this and manges to save his skin then forms the climax of the film.
The film is nail biting but it takes some time to build-up the excitement of 2nd Half. Also, the script is bit loose, with the film failing to give the valid reason for Naseer’s suicide. Infact he could have killed his wife instead.
But overall, film keeps you on the edge of seat, with some well crafted & engaging sequences, keeping the curiosity level, which essentially is a crux and crust of a THRILLER. But still the script & screenplay leaves a bit more desiring.

As regards to the performance, needless to talk about you have when 4 stalwarts – Naseer, Paresh, Boman & Om Puri, served together for you and it is only for this reason that one should go and watch the film. Surprise is being thrown by Neha Dhupia who manages to stand tall among Fab 4 and seems to be improving with every film of hers.

Director Shivam Nair has done a good job with the script given to him. Cinematography is first class. No place for songs in the film, which is an intelligent move.

To conclude, I would recommend the viewers to watch the film for it’s thriller content and top-notch performance. At least i liked the film
I will give 3 out of 5.
Banner : Shree Ashtavinayak Cinevision Ltd
Released on : December 5, 2008
Language : Hindi
Genre : Thriller
Producer : Dhillin Mehta
Director : Shivam Nair
Star Cast :
Naseruddin Shah - Jaisingh Adenwalla
Neha Dhupia - Mallika Adenwalla
Om Puri - ACP Gokhale
Paresh Rawal - Subhash
Boman Irani - AD Merchant
Tara Sharma - Swati
Vivek Shauq - Borkar
Cinematography : Venu Isc
Story, Screenplay & Dialogue : Uttam Gada

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