Monday, November 10, 2008



Due to ongoing strike by workers associations, fresh telecasts of most of the daily soaps have been seriously effected, no shoots, no camera, no action.


BIGG BOSS has something special in the form of Scooter Drive especially for girls. The girls have been given HERO HONDA `PLEASURE’, meant for girls, as usual Monica enjoys the learning pleasure from Rahul. Sambhavna and Payal drives easily.

Next day is Payal’s Birthday for which boys are planning some special songs specially linking Rahul & Payal’s (past) love story. As soon as clock strikes 12 in the night, everyone surprise Payal on her Birthday with a cake and balloons.
Then special songs are devoted to Payal. Rahul is visibly upset or we can say somewhat guilty at some of the songs, specially “ Kya hua tera Vaada, who Kasam who Iraada…”.

BIGG BOSS2, DAY 85, Nomination Day

Today is the nomination day. Big Boss declares that Sambhavna and Payal will be safe and will not be part of nomination, to everyone’s surprise. Since they were guests in Big Boss now, but it was a secret for other housemates.

Ashutosh nominates Zulfi & Monica.
Raja also nominates Zulfi & Monica.
Monica nominates Zulfi & Raja.
Zulfi nominates Rahul & Monica.
Rahul nominates Zulfi & Raj.

Now it’s time for Sambhavna and Payal to leave Bigg Boss’s house, since they came here as guests.

BIGG BOSS has given another weekly karya to all the housemates. They have been given Discman to practice the Song on which they have to perform. To start with they have to perform on a South Indian song, which they enjoy completely.

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