Tuesday, November 18, 2008



Another exciting episode after the Saturday’s incident of all the 4 escaping out of BIGG BOSS House. Zulfi & Raja are feeling guilty of their act, as per them it was a matter of a single meal that they could not resist themselves and did such a shameful act. Bigg Boss asks everybody about their feeling to which all except Rahul express their guilt towards their act. Rahul says that it was a fault on both the sides and whatever they did during that moment was perfectly fine and hence he doesn’t feel sorry.

Finally Rahul drops a bomb and says that he takes the responsibility of their act and decides to exit voluntarily out of the house on the condition that the nominations of both Raja & Zulfi gets cancelled. Bigg Boss calls all of them and asks Rahul about his decision, to which Rahul says he is willing to take voluntary exit from the show but in that case nominations of both Raja & Zulfi should be cancelled, to which Bigg Boss says that he has nothing to do about the nominations. Finally Rahul saya that he wants to leave the show.

Rahul packs his bags and finally he leaves the show to everyone’s shock, specially Ashutosh who feels guilty a lot and starts crying. Can you imagine even Raja also starts weeping. Even after Rahul moves out Ashutosh can’t stop crying.

What an abrupt and unexpected climax ?

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