Tuesday, November 18, 2008



AAMIR KHAN : Our pyaara Sachin Tendulkar is so much impressed by AAMIR’S Physique in his forthcoming Ghajini, that a couple of days back he called up Aamir and expressed his surprise on seeing Aamir’s well toned body on the posters, he was wondering whether Aamir’s body was digitally enhanced or it was his hard work.

Aamir confirmed that he & Sachin had a dialogue and that he had to convince Sachin about his well built physique, which he had acquired for Ghajini.

KHALBALI : Hope all remember that “One More Thought’s” production house had offered 5 lakhs to anyone who is ready to waych his movie PHOONK, all alone in the theatre. It seems nobody won the prize. Now same production house had carried forward that amount and is now offering 10 lakhs to the audience, whoever watches his complete forthcoming comedy “KHALBALI” without laughing.

So, go ahead and log in to khallballi.in for details and all the best for the booty.

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