Thursday, November 13, 2008



GHAJINI : Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan has rubbed his co-actress ASIN in a wrong way. News are that Asin is very much annoyed and fed up with various restrictions imposed on her for not disclosing about their film Gahjini and also not interacting with the media. Also, there are no public appearances for her, no events, which has not gone well with Asin, since it is stopping her in promoting herself for her career. Moreover she has been asked not to extend her pictures and potfolios to anyone, thus maintaining the curiosity about the film and it’s heroine.

Finally being fed up of such restrictions, she had voiced her agony to Aamir, over which he was also surprised. Asin, when contacted refused to divulge any details, on the context of not speaking to the press, as per the guidelines of film unit.

VIVEK OBEROI : Hope everybody remembers the big fifth between our Sallu Miya and Vivek Oberoi. After which Vivek realized his mistake and tried to mend his relations with Salman several times, but in vain.

It seems now Vivek has given up and his moving towards SRK SHARUKH ‘s camp. During a recent Fashion show he was seen with SRK’s wife Gauri Khan and her friends. Also, he is been spotted in SRK’s parties. Good Luck Vivek.

CHITRAGANDHA SINGH : Remember vivacious and talented Chitragandha, who made her debut in “Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi” and was launched by Director Sudhir Mishra. After her sparkling debut, she did a couple of films and left the Bollywood industry to everyone’s surprise.

Now after being bitten by the film bug hat she decided to make her comeback again and had promised her mentor Sudhir Mishra that she will be associated with him in her comeback.

But she broke her promise and has signed Onir’s “SORRY BHAI”, same Onir of “My Brother Nikhil” fame. Now this has not gone well with Sudhir Mishra, who had finalized a script especially for Chitrgandha. He is quite furious and as per the sources is not sure about working with her in future. Chitragandha had tried to calm down Sudhir, but it seems that things have not been sorted out.

We can only wish that the matter is solved amicably and we get to some quality work thru’ their combination.

DOSTANA : Tomorrow is the big day for Bollywood in the form of Karan Johar's DOSTANA release, will be back with the reviews soon.

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