Wednesday, November 19, 2008


BIGG BOSS2, DAY94 Raja, Ashutosh & Zulfi are back to normal after Rahul's voluntarily exit.
Big Boss again gives a daily karya in the form of "Pathshala", where Asutosh is again playing Principal and Zulfi, Raja as students.

Ashutosh is takin lecture on Shakespear's poem and with his special branded tooty footi Angrezi is raping the graet Shakespear's great work.

Bigg Boss has installed an AIRTEL'S LANDLINE, on which he congratulates Zulfi & other Housemates for bein slected for FINALS.

Raja acts as missing Rahul and is decorating the TOILETS LOBBY with Flower Pots.


FINALLY 10 days long strike of TV WORKERS has been caleed off and it's good news for TV SOAPS LOVERS. A mutual decision has been take on during a meeting between Federation of Western India Cine Employees (FWICE) and the Producers’ Body.

Now the fresh episodes will be telecast from Nov. 24 onwards.

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