Monday, November 24, 2008



DARSHEEL SAFARI : Darsheel, the star of “TAARE ZAMEEN PAR” is slowly learning the price of SUCCESS. It happened at a recent shooting of “BAM BAM BOLE” at Ooty, a remake of Iranian director’s film “CHILDREN OF HEAVEN”. It is learnt that the film shooting has to be stooped for 3 hours and whwen you come to know the reason you will be surprised.

Well, Darsheel was wearing a particular brand T-Shirt, which goes opposite with the brand he endorses. This was certainly not acceptable to the brand managers, who told the producers Percept Picture Company to make amends in the portions which was already shot with Darsheel’s controversial T-Shirt. Darsheel was just shocked by the happenings. Finally truce was made when producers agreed to reshoot those particular sequences and assured that this won’t happen in future.

FARHAN AKHTAR : Remember in one of my blogs. I mentioned about the grand opening affair of “ATLANTIS HOTEL” in Dubai, where our hot favourites SRK, PRIYANKA, FARHAN AKHTAR were representing the Indian film fraternity.

Well, Farhan Akhtar is too excited after his return from the mega event, te reason being, he got to meet his all time idol ROBERT DE NIRO at the launch of Atlantis. According to Farhan, he was expecting a normal handshake from the legend, but can you imagine, he got a personal hug from the legend. De Niro came to know about Frahan’s work from our SRK, Further Robert De Niro has given Farhan his contact details, where Farhan can send him his films.

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