Monday, November 17, 2008



After surviving the past tough 90 days, finally the remaining 4 contestants/ finalists – Rahul, Zulfi, Raja & Ashutosh did such an act that nobody could have thought of. They were pleading Bigg Boss to provide them readymade food or basic food items as onion, potato & tomato, since they had only Rice & Dal leftover with them. They tried to break the house door, but did not succeed. Finally they get a call from BIGG BOSS, asking what is the problem, to which they ask for the food items, BIGG BOSS says them to wait.

After waiting for 15 minutes, when they don’t get any reply they finally give up and decide to do the brave or rather cowardly act in the evening. They jump one by one over the boundary wall and run away from the house, can you believe it ?

At 8.15 pm, they are shown again back in the home after being convinced by the producers. Raja is being called in the confession room and given the readymade cooked food for them, on which they just jump like anything, as if they have been hungry for days.


BIGG BOSS calls all the housemates in the living room. And calls all of them “BHAGODAS”, since they did such a cowardly act of running. They have broken an important rule of the house. And have shown a poor face to all of their fans.

He call Zulfi to the confession room and asks Zulfi to nominate one of the housemates. Zulfi nominates Raja. He is asked to keep this secret. Then Rahul is being called upon, Rahul also nominates Raja. Then Raja nominates Zulfi and finally Ashutosh nominates Zulfi.

Bigg Boss nominates Raja & Zulfi for eviction, as a punishment. All of them are surprised and repent their act. They complain that Bigg Boss should have nominated himself rather than getting them named from each other.

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