Saturday, November 22, 2008



MAHESH BHATT/MEERA : Hope you remember Pakistani actress MEERA, launched by Mahesh Bhatt in Bollywood through “NAZAR”, which flopped miserably.

She was found knocking at Mahesh Bhatt’s door on Nov. 17, at 1.30am in the night.

When Bhatt Sahab was asked, he confirmed and unfolded the drama. At 1.30am there was a knock at Bhatt’s Juhu home, the door was opened by his daughter Shaheen. She was surprised to see Meera with Gulshan Arora, owner of Hotel Sun ‘n’ Sand. Mahesh Bhatt added that he was rather shocked to see a disturbed Meera who was asking him to accommodate her for the night. He found no reason to allow her in the house at such an odd time and that too in this state. He acted responsibly and handed over to Sevy Ali, Producer of Nazar, who took Meera to a Hotel where another Pakistani Actor Humayyun Sayeed, as according to Meera , his wife is a good friend of her’s.

Meera also confirmed the news, but was bit annoyed and disappointed with Mahesh Bhatt attitude and was rather taken aback when he contacted her father to take him back to Pakistan.

CHITRAGANDHA SINGH : Earlier in one of my blogs, I had mentioned about the conflict between Chitragandh and her mentor Sudhir Mishra on her comeback to Bollywood thru’ Onir’s "Sorry Bhai", instead of Sudhir Mishra’s film, and retorting to thi, Mishra had vowed never to work with her again.

It seems that smart girl Chitragandha has managed to calm down Sudhir Mishra and she has been signed by Sudhir in his forthcoming films “WHO’s SPEAKING” and “THE NAWAB, THE NAUTCH GIRL AND THE JOHN COMPANY”. The later one is a periodic drama set in the days of East India Company. To add to her good luck, she has also replaced Soha Ali Khan as Chandramukhi in Sudhir’s “AUR DEVDAS”.

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