Monday, October 20, 2008



Everyone was planning, who will nominate whom and were very much confused, since now the housemates numbers have reduced. But to everybody’s surprise, BIGG BOSS nominates everybody on the grounds that all have broken the RULES of house, since everybody is involved in planning nominations and discussing them as well, which is against the rules. All are happy with this decision, since nobody points fingers in this case.

As regards to Weekly Job, housemates have been given a film SHOLAY, based on which they have to play the characters of the film. Housemates decide - VEERU (by Zulfi), JAI (by Rahul), GABBAR (by Raja), BASANTI (by Diana), MAUSIJI (by Monica), THAKUR by Ashutosh) and SAMBHA (by Debojit).

Do you remember ALINA, who entered BIGG BOSS house as a commoner, if yes, here is a news about her.
Mumbai Mirror, a daily newspaper has published some bold pictures of Alina in 2-piece Bikini. It states that Alina has been trying her luck in Bolywood and also has done couple of ramp shows. Alina is not amused with the report and has decided to sue photographer George Hampton for using and leaking her personal pictures in the media.

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