Friday, October 10, 2008


Today much awaited `HELLO’ releases, but surprisingly much to the disappointment of viewers. It is no match for the Chetan Bhagat’s Best Seller “one night @ the call center” and fails to do the justice to this beautiful novel.

Pre-interval movie goes nowhere, just wastes time in introducing the characters. It is only in the second half movie picks up. But the treatment is so kiddish and sluggish. Director Atul Agnihotri completely fails to deliver as a director.

The film is all about one night happenings at a call center.

Salman Khan has only a guest appearance in the form of couple of songs BANH BANG & KAR LE BABY DANCE DANCE. But now age factor is clearly visible on his face, too add to it double chin and eye bags worsen his looks.

Katrina as usual looks great but too has a very small role.

Finally to sum up, I would give the movie 1 out of 5. And I don’t feel it stands any chances on the BOX OFFICE.

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