Thursday, October 9, 2008


Oct. 09, 2008

BIGG BOSS 2, DAY 53Highlights

  • As usual Rahul wooing and flirting with Monica Bedi madly.
  • Payal feeling awkward and tense in the presence of Monica.
  • Monica and Payal both are annoyed with Rahul and are worried about their image and advising Rahul to keep control, because once he goes out, he is answerable to his family and public owing to his actions.
  • Raja carrying on his AAG lagaooing spree.
  • Payal very tense about Friday evictions and asks Zulfi, who will be going out this Friday, since Zulfi’s predictions have beem true so far, but Zulfi avoids her question.
  • BIGG BOSS team stages the play `SHAQ KI SUI’ as per their ‘Saaptahik Kaarya’ i.e. Weekly Job.
  • Their ‘Saaptahik Kaarya’ is successful, hence they get a special Weekly Budget of Rs.1800/-.
  • And finally, BIGG BOSS gives them DANDIYA items on account of Navratri. Everybody enjoys the Garba.

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