Saturday, October 11, 2008



Nobody misses Payal after her eviction. Ehsaan is missing Sambhavana’s antics. Loud laughs, her food, her liveliness, says now there is no fun staying in Bigg Boss.

Rahul and Raja decides that they are tired of being nominated every week, hence they won’t vote each other in the nominations on coming Monday.

Today was an interesting day, thanks to Rahul again. Rahul crossing all the limits to woo Monica, who surprisingly is a changed character in her 2nd innings in the house. She has become very smart, outspoken and practical.

Rahul has gone on fast saying that he won’t take any food until Monica serve her or asks him to eat. Raja again adding GHEE in the FIRE, and pumping up Rahul.

Initially Monica restrains and shows no interest in Rahul’s new fasting act, but finally she has to give up and Rahul wins in his motive.

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