Friday, October 17, 2008



OK, HIMESH BHAI is back or shall we say MONTY is back. Anyways, the opening of this remake of old hit KARZ has been stupendous. Although it becomes a difficult task to remake a film, in view of the comparisons drawn up with the original, still Satish Kaushik has well adapted and can say has been successful in coming up with the modern masala version as KARZZZZ.

As far as Himesh is concerned, he has come up with a surprise act, as compared to his ‘Aap Kaa Suroor’. We can say. It’s a rebirth of Himesh a slim, confident and energetic one in the form of Monty. However, nobody can compare any actor with the original Rishi Kapoor, but still Himesh’s interpretation of Monty, I am sure will also be accepted by viewers.

Also, there is some change or twist in this KARZZZZ, which I will not disclose here, better to watch the movie.

About the story, everybody knows, it’s about Monty, a successful Rock star in South Africa who in earlier birth was Ravi Verma, played by Dino Morea. And his revenge with Kamini, played by Urmila, a perfect example of a perfect casting.

Now about the cast, Himesh is wonderful, you love him or hate him, but you can’t avoid him. Urmila, as I told is just superb as Kaamini, especially her expressions are matchless, she is at par with original Simi Grewal. Shweta Kumar, new actress looks pretty in pieces, but does not seem to be a filmi material, no match for Tina of the original. Danny has done justice to his role, but Gulshan Grover could have been better utilized.

Film’s second half is more exciting, especially the climax.

About the MUSIC, it is already a hit in the market and are well backed up by superb visuals in the film. Hats off to cinematographer for capturing the beautiful locales of South Africa and Kenya.

To summarize, KARZZZZ is paisa wasool in one word, just go and watch it.

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