Monday, October 13, 2008


Latest on BIG B health is that Amitabh is recovering and today in his own words, he says that "I am fine and for the first time I took liquid intakes today". All the best BIG B.

Here comes a shocking revelation in Salman – Aishwaraya controversial AUDIO TAPES, which were published by a daily newspaper few years back and which supposedly led to the break-up of a fairy tale affair between Sallu – Aish.

The said tapes revealed Salman threatening Aishwarya and mouthing obscenities on her. Sallu was heard of boasting his underworld affairs and threatening Aish to dance in Abu Salem show.

Well, now once these tapes were sent for Forensic tests, the results were SHOCKING. The voices in the said tapes were not of the lovely couple, but of someone else. The point is that who took such pains to fabricate and edit those tapes to stage the break-up between the couple.

But for now Salman can take relief, since his dented reputation has received some reprieve.

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