Monday, October 20, 2008



Director Indra Kumar is making a movie “DADDY KOOL”, starring Suniel Shetty and Kim Sharma. And the film will have 80’s hit BONEY M’s song ‘Daddy Cool’, which was suggested by film’s Music Director Raghaav Sachar.

Indra Kumar liked the idea and went ahead with acquiring the rights of the song legally, contrary to the Bollywood old habit of lifting the English/ foreign songs shamelessly. And do you know who helped in getting the rights of the song, our Suniel Shetty, who with the help of Sony India acquired the rights thru’ Sony International. Well done Indra Kumar & Suniel.

Abhishek Bachchan is going to enact the role of singer TANSEN, one of Nav Ratnas of Shenshah Akbar. The film will be made under Rajshri Productions’ banner and will be directed by Satish Kaushik. Music will be by veteran Ravindra Jain.

On the other side, Abhishek’s DRONA has also been received badly by Malaysian film critic K.N. Vijayan. According to him, the film is very slow paced and is in no way match to Hrithik’s KRISHH. He says Abhishek,in the movie looks so sullen and is a mis-cast for Drona’s character. As per him, the only saving grace of the film is Priyanka Chopra.

About the Box Office reports of KARZZZZ, which was released with record 1200 prints and nearly 5000 shows a day, countrywide. It has opened to good initials and seem to be received well by public. Keep it up Himesh Bhai.

The big news is that Rani Mukherjee has backed out of much hyped Shahrukh ‘s TEMPTATIONS RELOADED 2008 tour. And it seems this has something to do with ongoing SRK-SALLU rivalry. Rani is a loyal friend of both SRK & SALMAN, but it seems that the loyalties have shifted more towards Salman, resulting into her moving out of TEMPTATIONS.

Too add to SRK’s woes, Dipika & Bipasha, who were supposed to be a part of the shows in Germany & Spain have also backed out stating the dates problems. Bit to compensate the loss, Kareena has agreed to be part of Dubai shows.

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