Thursday, June 18, 2009

Soha Ali Khan refuses to Kiss Emraan Hashmi

The Bollywood kissing star Emraan Hashmi, who is famous for his kissing scenes with her female lead stars in his films, was not to be lucky this time.

It just happened that his co-star Soha Ali Khan refused to do a kissing scene with Emraan for thier forthcoming film "TUM MILE", to be directed by Kunal Deshmukh, under Vishesh Films banner. Initially Soha did agree for the kissing scene, while on the script stage, but when it came to the shooting day, she backed out and refused to kiss Emraan. Kunal tried to convince her, since the scene was important part of the script, but before she could agree, Emraan came to know about Soha's refusal. This hurt the ego of Kissing Star, as a result Emraan got upset and he himself refused to shoot for the scene.

Kunal still hopes that both the stars will set aside their egos and enact the said kissing scene for the film, which is based on July 26, 2005 Mumbai floods. Incidentally, the film is expected to be released in July end.

It was a big task to recreate the Mumbai floods scenario, for which a huge set was erected.

According to the director “There were plenty of problems and I had to give out my best in a certain budget. We needed a studio floor bigger than usual studio floors with a waterproof ground. I was looking at something cheaper and I got it in Bhandup with a concrete floor," he said. "Then standing 12 hours in water every single day had its effects. We had to take a lot of precautions like Hepatitis B shots. Still I suffered a very bad skin reaction and Emraan got a bad eye. Luckily there were no long-term health issues," he added.

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