Thursday, February 19, 2009



Very few people must be knowing that it was Akshay Kumar who was originally to be casted in Priyadarshan's BILLU, the role of Sahir Khan, which has now been enacted by King Khan.

Well the story goes like this - Akshay being a hot favourite of Priyadarshan and with whom he has given big hits like GARAM MASALA, HERA PHERI, BHAGAM BHAG etc. was initially approached by Priyan to act in BILLU (BARBER). When Priyan narrated the script to Akshay, he liked the idea and immediately agreed to it and even proposed to produce the film under his banner 'HARI OM PRODUCTION'. But the twist in the tale came when a meeting took place between Priyan and Shah Rukh Khan and they mutually agrred to do the film together, it is well known that SRK wanted for long to work with Priyadarshan. And not only STK acted, but he also produced BILLU under his RED CHILLIES ENTERTAINMENT.

When Akshay came to know about SRK's entry, he was shocked, but Priyan manged to cam him down and so here is BILLU in front of us without Priyan's lucky mascot Akshay Kumar.

And incidentally when the film has not done well, Akshay must be heaving a sign of relief.

Also, Akshay has not only dethroned and replaced SRK not only in terms of his continuous HITS, but also in terms of lucrative endorsement deals and to top it up he has replaced King Khan by being the Bollywood’s highest tax payer.

Well done Akki, keep it up.

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