Monday, February 9, 2009


These days controversies seem to be part of the game, well before the release of any film. Now it's the turn of Shah Rukh Khan's forthcoming film 'BILLU BARBER', whose title has been changed to "BILLU", the reason beibg that "Barber" word has been objected by in an association of hairdressers, who feeels that the title Barber was demeaning them.

Shah Rukh Khan, the producer of the film, spoke to the representatives of the Hair Dressers & Beauty Parlors Association about the problem. And finallyb itv has been decided that the word 'barber' will be removed from all the hoardings of 'Billu Barber', and the film will now be titled BILLU only. The film is directed by Priyadarshan and stars IRFAN KHAN in a lead role, with SRK in a very special role, playing a film star.
Changing the titles in the Posters and hoardings will be an expensive issue for SRK's home production, Red Chillies, but King Khan did not want to hurt the feelings of any particular community and hence is going ahead with the tedious job.

Hope this controversy works for the Box Office prospects of the film.

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