Sunday, August 16, 2009

Shah Rukh Khan detained at Newark Airport

There has been a huge uproar by Bollywood fraternity as well as King Khan's fans following SRK's detention at Newark Airport in USA on Aug. 15. Refer my earlier blog,

Bollywood has strongly condemned SRK's detention by the US airport security authorities, whereas Salman Khan said, “It is not such a big deal, when we go there we too have to go through the security check. There has been no attacks there since 9/11 because of their stringent security measures. I think it is a good thing (the security).”
Following are Shah Rukh Khan's comments :
“The US has developed religious paranoia over the years. My guard was also denied a visa because he has the same last name as mine. They said I can’t use my phone.”

“I was really hassled at the American Airport because of my name being Khan…The couple of hours of interrogation wanting to know if I know anyone in America while all around people were vouching for me from India and Pakistan (sic).”

“I told them I was a movie star and had recently visited the country for the shooting of my film. Nothing seemed to convince the immigration officer. There were other immigration officers who even vouched for me but this particular officer did not listen to anyone. I even told them I had an invitation from the South Asian community and was there to attend an event.’’

“Only these guys just would not let me through. Finally they allowed me to make a call, which I did and the Indian Consulate helped me through.

“It was absolutely uncalled for I think, me having just finished working there for more than a month…just a couple of weeks ago. They said I have a common name which is causing the delay…checked my bags…I felt angry and humiliated.”

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